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Would you like your dog to be a responsible member of the family?  It is up to you to create that dynamic in your household by becoming the pack leader.  Back to Basics Dog Training will provide the knowledge and techniques you need to communicate effectively with your canine best friend, so that you can maintain the good attitude and behaviors you want and expect from your dog.

Back to Basics Dog Training is owned and operated by certified dog trainer Jennifer Saven.  My home-based facility is located in Montville, Ohio just 10 miles east of downtown Chardon.  Your dog will be trained both indoors and outdoors, encountering and working through distractions within the security of a large fenced-in yard.  I am also happy to travel to your home or meet at a park for private lessons.

My services are available to all dogs living in Geauga, Lake, Ashtabula, and Cuyahoga Counties.

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My Dog Training Philosophy

Choosing the right dog trainer can be a difficult task.  As a dog owner, you have your own opinions and standards which need to match the training philosophies of the person you choose to handle your canine "best friend".

My training methods are quite simple.  I relate to dogs in their own language by assuming the role as the leader.  This is accomplished without the use of any harsh methods that might create fear or aggression.  My goal is always for the dog to have fun and enjoy life, to behave responsibly with manners, and to trust and respect their owner and family.

Many dog owners are concerned about the tools that will be used by a particular trainer, and may even avoid trainers that use tools that are considered to be cruel.  My feeling is that the tool is never harsh; it's the person misusing the tool that is harsh.  Any tool can be harmful if used by an angry or frustrated human.  On the other hand, any tool can be quite useful if used correctly— but never to elicit pain or fear from the animal.  Tools and methods should always match the individual dog's personality and temperament.

My ultimate goal is to work towards using no tools at all.  I want to teach you that your attitude, emotional state, and overall energy is going to be your most powerful tool.

Come and meet me and my rescued canine crew of four: Teva, Hudson, Ace, and Monty, and see if my program is right for you.  You can bring your troubled pooch along too.  Consultations in my home are always free.

Teva and Hudson
Teva and Hudson
Teva, Hudson, and Ace - Back to Basics Crew
Back to Basics Crew: Teva, Hudson, and Ace